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Kids yoga comes to Rochester

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Yoga Tribe in Rochester is targeting a new clientele, children. 

Kids yoga is similar to adult yoga in many ways, but with some more fun and games added in. 

They even have their own mantra.

"Breathe, stretch, play, make namaste part of everyday," said yoga teacher, Allison Howell, regarding part of the focus of the class. 

namaste translates roughly into 'my spirit honors yours' and these kids are learning how to make that message a part of their everyday lives through the movements of yoga.

"We take time to focus on breathing and talking about our emotions and then we also go through your typical yoga poses that help them get strong and flexible which is just really important because as a child once you have that skill it's something that you bring into your adulthood," said Howell. "Something that I think is irreplaceable at this age for these kids."

The kids challenge themselves with the yoga poses. 

"It's mostly about balance and I do gymnastics and they're both about balance and strength," said 8 year old, Ava Balsaneka. "I really like stretching out." 

Many of the kids who take part in kids yoga play sports, the hope is that yoga can support and add to other athletic endeavors.
"There's karate, ballet, gymnastics, but no one is really getting the skills that they can benefit from in taking a kids yoga class," said Howell. "They're playing and using their breath but also really learning how to make sense of some of the emotions that are going through their minds."
Although it may sound a little serious, it isn't always. 

"We play a lot of different games in class to help stimulate their minds and keep them engaged in what we're doing," said Howell. 

For some of the young yogis, the games are their favorite parts. 

"Probably the dance part or shavasana, because during the dance party we get to do gymnastics and me and Faye really like doing that," said 8 year old, Amelia Webb. 

The goal is to help instill positivity within the children, regarding both yoga and life. 

"Just doing my best and having fun," said 8 year old, Faye Conway. 

The class was initially monthly but has now been expanded to every week. 

It is on Saturdays from 3pm - 4pm at Yoga Tribe in Rochester. 

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