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Kutzky Park Neighborhood Association meets for first time since Miracle Mile Development approval

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

One of the biggest projects in Rochester over the past few years, the Miracle Mile Market Development, was approved by Rochester City Council on February 23rd.

The neighborhood at the center of the Miracle Mile Development plan had its first community meeting since the project's approval on Tuesday night.

Fun fact: a discussion on the passing of the Miracle Mile Market Development actually wasn't even on the agenda for the Kutzky Park Neighborhood Association's monthly meeting on Tuesday.

I had to take one neighborhood resident aside and pick his brain on the aftermath, outside of the actual meeting.

But just because that topic wasn't up for discussion doesn't mean the meeting wasn't interesting.

An officer from Rochester Police Department, Officer Greg Jeardeau, reported that there were no reports filed in the last month in the area, which is outstanding news to the neighborhood.

Also up for discussion were upcoming social plans including the Winter Krawl this weekend, an Easter Egg Hung on April 19th, a summer block party, summer yoga and boot camp in the park, and more.

As far as the Miracle Mile Market Development goes, it will soon begin construction.

Many neighborhood residents were upset about the development throughout the entire process, mostly in regards to aesthetic aspects.

Now that it has been approved, they are shifting the mindset.

"It's recognizing, again, that the opportunity is that this city is greater than the sum of its parts. And that means that all voices have to contribute," said Christopher Haydock, a Kutzky Park Neighborhood Resident.

Haydock also said that though the project was approved, the story isn't over. A lot of planning and co-ordination has to take place in order for the development to come into fruition.

The KPNA also talked about the possibility of making a Red Cross disaster-ready plan (modeled after one that is in place in Northern California) in case of a huge storm, flood, or snow storm.

It would be the first Red Cross disaster plan in the city of Rochester, and actually the entire state, were it to happen.

Also worth noting: intersections in the area might get a face lift with crosswalk art, in hopes to increase driver visibility and to slow down drivers.

All the neighborhood has to do is apply for a grant, submit a design, collect signatures, provide labor to paint...and voila!

Next month is April, and elections for the KPNA are held in April, so if you live in the Kutzky Park Neighborhood and wish to be on the board for the association, contact the KPNA and they'll include you on the ballot. 

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