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Despite storm damage, Clarks Grove family feels blessed

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Monday night's storms really took a toll on the town of Clarks Grove: Streets were liitered with downed power lines and broken branches, trees fell on vehicles and fences, and sheds collapsed on farm equipment.

Even a metal flag pole was significantly bent in the middle of town, demonstrating just how violent the winds were.

After all of that destruction, a lot of clean-up is underway.

Connie and Gary Bergland have lived in Clarks Grove for almost 15 years and have never experienced destruction like that of this week.

Though the couple's yard is pretty much destroyed, in quite the stroke of luck, their home hardly even has a scratch.

"This whole line of trees were about four feet across, and fell on my neighbor's roof," said Connie.

The Berglands were up in the cities during the storm, but came back to find their yard nearly destroyed.

"We lost, probably, about 40 trees. And some of them, like the tallest in Clarks Grove,” added Connie.

Though the Bergland's weren't home, neighbors shared their experience.

"They said it was dead silent. And then all of a sudden, they heard this noise. It was like a train coming through. And then, tt was gone within a minute," said Connie.

Now that the storm has come and gone, pretty much everyone is in clean-up mode.

"I've been told a lot of the insurance companies don't cover trees, unless they fall on your house, so it's our cost,” explained Connie.

However, despite having to pay for their damage instead of insurance coverage, the Berglands are optimistic.

"The best part of the whole deal is that nobody got hurt, as far as I know,” said Connie.

And, continuing with their glass-half-full attitude, Connie said that she and Gary look at this catastrophe as a new project to restructure their landscaping.

For anyone who has any damaged property from Monday night's storms, you're cautioned to doing homework before hiring any contractors to help with the clean-up.

Before hiring a contractor, homeowners should ask the following:

Verify that the builder is licensed and determine if the contractor has a disciplinary history; Figure out how long the person has been in business and where they have done work; And ask for any references of their past jobs to see if people have been satisfied with their work. 

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