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It's a wheel! It's a shovel! It's a wovel?!

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Susan Waughtal and her wovel. Susan Waughtal and her wovel.
ORONOCO, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Following Thursday night's snow storm, many people are spending Friday shoveling and snow blowing their driveways and sidewalks.

But, have you ever heard of woveling?

So, what do you get when you put together a wheel and a shovel?

Well, none other than a wovel, of course!

This cool contraption is Susan Waughtal's preferred method of snow removal.

Waughtal said she got her wovel about eight years ago, when she and her husband moved to Squash Blossom Farm in Oronoco.

Still confused about what exactly a wovel is?

Well, it's a shovel connected to a large wheel.

It requires little work because you use the handle as a lever, which flips the shovel in front, releasing snow, rather than lifting a shovel full of snow.

Having arthritis in her hands, Waughtal said this tool is perfect because it's a lot easier on her hands, arms, and shoulders.

She also said she likes how it's very environmentally friendly, no fossil fuels included!

I got a firsthand demonstration of the wovel in action.

"So if it was light, fluffy snow, you could just tool along and just flip along and do a whole row at one time. With this heavy stuff, I have to take little bites of snow and you just flip it. And this would be really hard...and just really not much fun with a regular shovel," demonstrated Waughtal.

Waughtal said this type of snow is probably the only type of snow the wovel doesn't work very well with, but she added that her snow blower also wasn't working that well,

She concluded it's probably just the makeup of the white stuff, and not the wovel.

Wovels have a wide price range, depending upon the bells and whistles you like, but no matter what type, they're still only a fraction of the cost of a snow blower.

If you're interested in buying one for yourself, head on over to this website:

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