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Key ingredients to the perfect Valentine's Day bouquet? Flowers and love

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Though it looks like your average shop from the outside, walk into Renning's Flowers on Valentine's Day, and you're in the center of all the action.

It's a system of creating beautiful flower arrangements.

"Flowers are the gift of the heart and emotion and it's something that a lot of people don't receive often. So it's very special," said Phil Schroeder, the owner of Renning's Flowers.

It's no surprise Valentine's Day is the shop's busiest day of the year.

Schroeder said the planning for Valentine's Day started right after Valentine's Day last year!

And they started ordering fresh product around October.

Schroeder added that hundreds of orders for flowers have been made, and that will continue all day long, even up to the last-minute walk-ins.

Renning's typically has two drivers on any given day, but on Valentine's Day, they have 14.

"Valentine's Day is just a great reason to send flowers, to show that you care to your valentine, to your sweetheart," added Schroeder.

So how do you put together that special bouquet of flowers?

At Renning's, the system is a well-oiled machine, all starting with a vase full of water and a base.

"Lovely foliages to make our base that all of our lovely flowers will be nestled in,” demonstrated Jim Schuth, the floral design manager at Renning's.

Then, it's time to take a journey to the refrigerated garden, to pick out those beautiful blooms.

"Beautiful alstromeria which is a lovely flower, very long lasting, a nice pretty pink color for the valentine holiday. And of course, we're going to add in some roses, we've got some beautiful spray roses in a lovely shade of pink," added Schuth.

Add in some white daisies for a burst of springtime, and some purple accent flowers, and it's time to assemble.

"We're just prepping our flowers, we're cutting and trimming, carefully arranging them," said Schuth.

Trimming off any stems.

"The floor here looks really pretty at the end of the day!” laughed Schuth.

Though the main staple of any bouquet is the flowers, there is one other crucial ingredient.

"Just like baking, flower-arranging is kind of like baking. Our little bit of love goes into each one. When words can't always do the job, flowers can say it for you,” Schuth added.

Bouquets of flowers, made with love, to share with that special someone that you love.

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