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Stix of Fury needs your help!

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It's a non-profit organization that's been entertaining audiences for nearly a decade with their music...Stix of Fury.

But now, they're facing a bump in the road, that may cost them any performances this upcoming year.

As their name suggests, the group Stix of Fury entertains crowds with their fierce style of percussion, mostly in summer parades and charity events.

Palmer Bus Service in Austin, their normal transportation company, no longer charters buses due to insurance reasons, meaning the non-profit musical group no longer has event transportation.

With no transportation, they have no way to get the group and instruments to events, so they're now asking for the generosity of the community to help.

The idea all started one 4th of July, when Jake and Alecia Peterson saw a musical performance at a local event, and the lightbulb turned on.

"What a cool way to add something for our town, you know? Because a lot of towns don't have marching bands anymore," explained Jake Peterson, the director of Stix of Fury.

Nearly eight years of making audiences smile later, the group has quite the annual lineup.

"We do 20 parades and 2 that are non-profits like Relay for Life or the cancer auction," said Camden Heimerman, the assistant director, who has also been a member of the group for six summers.

Consisting of 35 Blooming Prairie School District students make crowds happy.

"I just love seeing peoples faces when they see us walk down the street," said McKenzie Jensen, a sophomore color guard member who has been in the group for five summers.

"You feel really cool when you're walking past thousands of people and playing your heart out, so it's really fun," added Heimerman.

It's something anyone can do.

"You don't have to be super fit and strong to do anything," explained Jensen.

But this year, the group might not get to go around on all its stomping grounds.

Its normal charter bus service can no longer afford insurance to charter buses.

And other transportation companies are too pricey.

"It's heartbreaking. I had a really hard time with this and still have a hard time believing this could ever happen," said Jensen.

The group has set up a go fund me page with a goal of raising $7000 dollars.

As of now, they've raised $1705.

Here's a link to their go fund me page if you wish to contribute:

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