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Latest snowfall makes for lots of outdoor fun

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

When it comes to winter storms and business and school closings, there are two very different sides of the spectrum.

There are those who prefer to stay warm indoors, and those who want to get outside and enjoy the gift that mother nature has given.

On Wednesday, we wanted to get outside and see what those in the latter group like to do when it snows...and nobody knows how to play in the snow better than a kid.

So to see what type of winter fun you can have after a storm, we set out in search of the experts.

After a big snow storm in Minnesota, the first thing that pops into every school kid's head is “snow day?”

If the answer is no, that is code for: Time to bundle up and head outside!

With packing snow like what is on the ground after Tuesday night and Wednesday morning's snow, the options for outdoor fun were endless.

“Snowball fight, sledding, snowboarding, and making a snowman,” said six-year-old Maddy Canfield, telling us her favorite things to do in the snow.

Maddy and her four siblings, Jacob Canfield (9), Mason Hinchley (9), and twins Morgan and Brooke Hinchley (7) spent all Wednesday afternoon building a snowman, making snow angels, and having a snowball fight.

Their parents Matt Hinchley and Katherine Toogood even joined in the snowball fight to make it an entire family affair!

As for their snowman, the crew said it took them about an hour to build.

He is complete with a carrot nose, chocolate chip eyes, a hat, and a scarf...and some stick arms with gloves.

They also put pink sprinkles all over which Morgan said makes the snowman taste good!

We also found a duo who built a huge snowman with a couple other neighbors, but also started to build a fort.

“We were gonna have a boy igloo and a girl igloo, but that didn't work because we didn't even finish this one,” said 9-year-old Rachel Greenfield, who was building the fort with her friend Milania Black (also age 9).

Rachel and Milania said they love the snow and Milania even called it a “winter wonderland”

They said they feel bad for kids who live in warm climates.

“Because they don't have fun in the winter. It can be really annoying, but it's mostly fun for kids,” said Rachel of all the snow. 

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