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Committee of the Whole recap: Transportation associated with DMC growth

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Destination Medical Center promises to bring about change to Rochester.

With a growing population, that change includes our public transit system.

At Monday's City Council Committee of the Whole Meeting, we got a glimpse of what the future might hold.

All topics today had some sort of relation to transportation, whether it be integrated transit studies, interim parking ordinance, or discussion of the Toward Zero Deaths program.

No matter what the opinion, there is one view that runs all across the board: Do what's best for the people of Rochester.

"This is an opportunity to correct worth of mistakes," said Rochester City Council Member Michael Wojcik.

"We need some feedback from you and from the DMCC board as we continue to move forward,” said Richard Freese, the director of the Rochester City Works Department.

One major topic of Monday's meeting: Integrated transit studies, in which four sub groups have been studying downtown Rochester.

The transit circulation study group focuses on finding alternatives to current transportation methods, such as bringing to Rochester a monorail or moving sidewalk.

The street use and operations study group is learning patterns of traffic and peak times;

A parking study which does just that...studies parking usage;

And the city loop project, which would be a public access area to get people out of their cars to move to and through downtown.

The city loop would be a place where people can de-stress and work on their physical and mental health.

Council Member Wojcik joked there is major work to be done.

"A transporter beam would solve all of our transportation issues. Short of that, we've got some thinking to do,” said Wojcik.

With the help of this study, the city might be on the right track to fix some transportation issues.

Nothing is 100 percent set in stone but things seem to be on path to becoming a reality.

Also brought up was the interim parking ordinance as well as a presentation on the Towards Zero Death program...which aims to decrease deaths on Minnesota roads.

Preliminary results for 2016 show there were 398 deaths on the roads.

The goal for the group is to be down to 300 deaths by 2020, and ultimately, zero deaths.

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