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'Local Creators Night' at Forager Brewery Introduces Mandala Drawing

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Forager Brewery and The Art of Cassandra Buck want to introduce you to a unique and engaging way to relieve stress, Mandala Drawing. 

"They are circle designs, radial designs, that are found in nature," said art educator and instructor of 'The Art of Reuse & Utilizing Art to Relieve Stress', Cassandra Buck. "They're found throughout history. They're mostly known in the Buddhist Religion and Hindu Religion. They're a meditative design that the monks use in their meditations but over the centuries we've utilized them for many things. In art you find them all over the place, in stained glass windows and in nature and things like that." 

And now you'll find it at Forager Brewery so people can utilize art to relieve stress. 

"I think when you're drawing you kind of get into a zone where you're not really thinking about anything else, almost like doodling, when you're doodling you're not really thinking about anything and it's the same thing for the Mandala," said Buck. "You just start in one area and you work your way outward. It's meditative in the sense that you're not worrying about your job, or your kids, or the stresses of everyday life. You're just focusing the drawing itself."
The intricate design may look complicated, but anybody can do it. 

"If you can draw a circle, if you can draw a line, you can do this," said Buck. "It's not as hard as people think."

This is class will be part of a larger series. 

"On Tuesday of every week starting in January it's going to be called 'Local Creators Night' and there's going to be a different educator that's going to be teaching different classes," said Buck. "So there's going to be a jewelry class, there's going to be painting class and also a mosaics class in February and March." 

The hope is that what a person learns in the classroom can be carried out into their lives. 
"I want everyone to take away something from the class," said Buck. "So I don't want it to just be something I'm telling them to do, I think they can use it outside of the class as well."

'The Art of Reuse & Utilizing Art to Relieve Stress' is Tuesday, January 3, 2017 at Forager Brewery. It begins at 7pm. 

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