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Ice Melt 101: Tips, tricks, and which kind to get

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Just as its name implies, ice melt does just that: it melts the ice.

There isn't necessarily a type that reigns the best, it just depends upon what's best for your yard's needs.

With so many types of ice melt, finding the "perfect pellets" for your yard can seem daunting.

To get to the bottom of it, I went over to Menards for a little bit of schooling, starting with the basics.

"It's a combination of salt and a couple of other chemicals. And basically, it's just going to melt the ice with the chemical reaction when you put the salt onto the ice,” said Jeff Scherrer, the General Manager of Menards in Northwest Rochester.

Things to consider when buying ice melt include whether you need it to be pet or plant friendly, and also whether you have new or decorative concrete, as ice melt can cause breaks in the surface.

And of course, you have to consider what type of melt you're looking for.

"If they want a fast melt, we have a couple of varieties that are more of a commercial grade. Those salts actually melt to a lower temperature outside,” explained Scherrer.

Or for those with the "slow and steady wins the race" mindset: "If they're just looking to do a gradual melt, they can spread some of the other types. The entry-level types," said Scherrer.

Scherrer also shared a little trick to keep in mind: Less is more.

He also demonstrated how to properly apply the ice melt to ice.

"So you take your scoop and just kind of shake it down. Just create a layer and as it melts, it will start to break apart. And then you take your shovel and scoop it up and get rid of it!" said Scherrer.

Rochester Public Works wants to remind residents to stay on top of their sidewalk ice removal responsibilities.

Just in the last week, the City has seen a spike in trips, slips, and falls due to icy conditions.

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