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Day-After Christmas deals bring shoppers out, despite the cold

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Everybody loves a good bargain!

And sales on the day after Christmas, also called Boxing Day, are becoming almost comparable to the sales found on Black Friday.

Boxing Day doesn't get quite as busy as Black Friday does, but whether you're a seasoned post-Christmas shopper, or new to the game, there's no denying that you can score some major deals.

"I have a tendency to make things that I hope they will like," said Katherine Holst, who was shopping at Walmart on Monday afternoon.

Holst was just picking up a few groceries that she needed, but then ended up grabbing a few sale items, given the deals.

"Get up early, go to bed early, to get out here and get the deals for the day," said Darrell Clark, an after Christmas shopper.

Deb Naab and her daughter Taylor Abbott have gotten this post-Christmas shopping thing down to a science.

"50 percent off, all the clearance, and I need to stock up for next year," said Naab.

Yep, you heard that correctly.

Naab and Abbott actually buy next year's Christmas stuff, 364 days ahead of time!

"If you want a Christmas card, here's what you get,” said Naab, as she showed off her Christmas cards she will be giving out next year.

The duo said this method of shopping only the day after also keeps holiday stress levels (for next year!) at bay.

Abbott is especially happy with her findings, in eager anticipation of a wonderful addition to the family.

"I have a new tree skirt and matching stockings for next year when my baby comes," explained Abbott.

Whether you're a planner or procrastinator, there's no denying these day-after Christmas deals are real.

"You just have to look around and see what and who got the best buy and best bargain for your dollar. You just got to look around,” said Clark.

The cycle continues, year after year.

And store after store.

"Now we're off to Toys R Us!” said Naab and Abbott.

Fun random fact: We met up with some people who actually just went to the store for groceries, and wound up getting a cart full of goods, given all the sales.

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