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Welch Village Ski and Snowboard Resort officially opens for the season

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WELCH, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Winter has officially come knocking at our door and has taken a step in.

And along with the season, comes those seasonal sports, two of the most notable being skiing and snowboarding.

Friday was an exciting day for snow-loving adventure junkies as a popular ski and snowboard resort in our region opened its slopes.

"It's a way to get outside in the winter, you know. It's so cold here in Minnesota. It's nice to have a reason to get away from the fireplace," said Andrew Scully, who strapped on his skis Friday for the first time in ten years, and headed over to Welch Village Ski and Snowboard Resort.

Though Mother Nature hasn't graced us with much natural snow quite yet this season, Welch Village is lucky enough to have snow makers to help create blankets of the white stuff.

"We have plenty of snow now. We just have to push it around with our snow cats and spread it around,” said Peter Zotalis, the General Manager of Welch Village.

Zotalis said they started creating snow on Tuesday to prepare for Friday.

But whether the snow is real or fake, need not matter.

"Any snow is good snow whether it's real of fake and I'm happy with it. and I think everyone here would agree," said Scully.

But with all the snow blowing around from those snow makers, be sure to bring those goggles!

As of Friday, only four runs were open.

"We have Lookout, Long Way Home, Pulse Trail, and Foul Play,” said Zotalis, of the runs that were open.

He said he hopes to have everything up and running by one special occasion.

"There's going to be a lot ore open a week from today but we will be fully open for Christmas,” said Zotalis.

He also added that since Welch Village is a family-run resort, each year, the family is the first to go down the slopes.

Zotalis, along with his 88-year old grandfather (who started Welch Village) and Zotalis' children, all joined in on the first run to open the resort.

This year marks the second year for Welch Village's terrain park and rope tow, which has generated a lot of excitement from ski and snowboarders.

And on Saturday nights, there will be live entertainment.

Sounds like there are going to be some good winter weekends ahead!

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