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Mayo High School Varsity and Junior Varsity Bowling Teams heading to state tournament

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

If you're into bowling, well this story might be right up your alley...pun intended.

Both bowling teams at one local high school will be competing in this weekend's state tournament.

The Mayo High School bowling teams have a lot to be celebrating, as they are one of only three schools in the entire state that has both the varsity and junior varsity bowling teams making the cut for this year's state tournament.

Wednesday afternoon, we caught up with team members, as they prepare to go up north to compete.

When thinking of High School sports and clubs, most people will often think of football, soccer, debate, etc.

But now, Mayo High School is bringing awareness to another...bowling!

"It's just fun! Seeing the sensation when you get a spare or strike," said sophomore varsity bowling team member Mike Bigalk.

"It just feels like we've accomplished something that hasn't been done in a long time,” added Bigalk.

Lots of hard work has allowed the teams to reach this major milestone.

Marlys Ohnstad has been head coach for Mayo High School bowling for over a decade, and made it to the state tournament once, in her first year of coaching.

She gives all the credit of this major feat to her athletes.

"It really depends on if they're hitting their mark and doing what they should," said Ohnstad.

Team members practice twice a week at Bowlocity, and play in weekend leagues, working on perfecting their form.

And hitting those strikes.

"I'm a lefty and sometimes I'll bowl righty and it's just fun to get a strike that way because you never bowl that way,” said Bigalk.

Now you may be scratching your head thinking...isn't bowling individual? Not always.

"It's called a baker system. And you have five people bowling at one time. And the first person bowls the first and sixth frame, second person bowls the second and seventh frame, third person bowls the third and eight frame,” explained junior Amanda Torvund, who is on the varsity team and is also a co-captain.

That pattern continues for the fourth person bowling the fourth and ninth frames, and the fifth person (also called the anchor) bowling the fifth and tenth frames.

And like any sport, stress levels can skyrocket.

"You can be very close in a match and it can come down to the 10th frame, last ball of the 10th frame and you're all just waiting to see what the anchor will do,” said Torvund.

But no matter the stress level, one thing always rings true: bowling is a sport for everyone to enjoy.

"You see like baby toddlers doing it and you see a lot of elderly people doing it,” said Torvund.

The varsity tournament is this Saturday, and the JV tournament is Sunday, both in Minneapolis.

Best of luck, Spartans!

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