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Evan McMullin is gaining popularity for Indenpendence Party in race to the White House

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Organizers for another candidate took to the streets of downtown Rochester Wednesday afternoon, handing out informational brochures for those who may not feel comfortable voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Instead, they were telling people about Evan McMullin, the endorsed candidate of the Independence Party.

He's won the support of many Republicans who don't feel comfortable voting for Trump, as well as many Democrats who were pulling for Bernie Sanders.

And as of Wednesday afternoon, he was actually tied for first place in Utah.

The former CIA operative may have a shot at being the first candidate in 48 years to win electoral votes without being a major party nominee.

"Just go out there and vote for your conscience instead of your fears. Vote for what you hope will happen in our country instead of just being afraid and choosing between the lesser of two evils,” said Michelle Lim the Minnesota Grassroots Field Operations Manager.

In Minnesota, McMullin's rising in popularity, with many registered voters turning toward him as their choice for President, because of dissatisfaction with the major party candidates.

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