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Miracle Mile Development Project one step closer to becoming a reality

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

An update to the controversial Miracle Mile Development Plan, city and neighbors have been considering for months.

Wednesday night, plans for the project came before the Rochester Planning and Zoning Commission for a third time.

First proposed in July, plans for a new development have been modified a number of times based on community feedback.

And at Wednesday's meeting in a decision in favor of moving the project forward, four to three, the Miracle Mile Project has only one more barrier to becoming a reality...City Council approval.

It's a project many people have a stance on.

"An opportunity of an order that comes, you know, once in a lifetime,” said Chris Haydock, who lives in the Kutzky Park Neighborhood.

Plans are to build a 30,000+ square foot grocery store, a 107-unit apartment complex, and 6800+ square feet of other retail/commercial space.

But not everyone holds the same position.

"In order to be successful, you have to meet change, with change," said Scott Johnson, the owner of SJ Jewelers who is in support of the development.

"When the DMC planners came to town, I think the average rating, downtown for pedestrian experience was like a D. And yet we continue to approve project that would give us that same rating," said Kutzky Park Neighborhood resident Kellie Mueller.

Concerns have arisen on the basis of orientation.

"The orientation of this project just seems to be misaligned for current trends of urban design," said Kutzky Park Neighborhood resident Dennis Davey.

And also concerns of the environement.

"The impact on air quality or air pollution, I don't think we're doing that. And I think it's kind of sorrow that we're now," said Barry Skolnick, who lives in the Kutzky Park Neighborhood.

Thoughts and opinions lay all across the board.

But the key to remember, is that working together ultimately gets you further.

"We can seize this opportunity and create something that's bigger than any of us individually could create," said Haydock.

The plans will now go to the city council meeting on Monday for final approval.

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