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Hurricane Matthew: Evacuation vs. Riding it out

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With Hurricane Matthew, some people in the path of the storm chose to evacuate and others chose to ride it out.

My grandma lives in West Palm Beach, and unable to get a flight out of town, my step-father, Mark Lohrer, flew in to ride out the storm by her side.

And, I'm very pleased to say, they're doing well!

As of 5-o-clock this morning, the National Hurricane Center discontinued West Palm's warning for a hurricane and downgraded it to a tropical storm warning.

West Palm Beach ended up not taking a direct hit of the hurricane, as the storm remained about 65 miles east of the city.

Mark said they've spent most of the day removing the steel storm shutters he put on all of the windows and doors before the storm.

Before the storm, Mark said the house could make it through Armageddon with the prepping he did!

As for the aftermath, all of the steel shutter preparation definitely worked, as my grandma has no damage to her house!

The only way you can tell a storm even came is from the wet sidewalks and debris.

There is, however, one large tree down in her yard, and a lot of small cleanup from leaves, branches, and limbs.

Mark said he will probably spend the next couple of days in West Palm Beach helping with relief efforts and cleanup, but he added, the storm wasn't as nearly bad as was least in their area.


When a violent storm is on the way, people face the decision to evacuate the area or prep their home and riding it out.

My step-grandma lives in West Palm Beach and upon learning there were no flights left to evacuate, my stepfather, Mark Lohrer, decided he was going to fly down to be with her and ride out the storm by her side.

Mark got into West Palm Wednesday afternoon, and began preparing my grandma's home for the hurricane right away.

He said he spent all of Wednesday and a little bit of Thursday morning installing metal shutters on all of the doors and windows on the house, and got the generator ready for power loss.

And, he said, they stocked up on drinking water and non-perishable foods.

Mark and my grandma lost power around 6-o-clock, our time, and the generator failed to turn on.

Earlier Thursday, Florida Governor Rick Scott shared his opinion on what residents should do.

"Your safety, not comfort is the most important thing. The shelter may not be the most desirable place to be, but it is safer than many homes. There is no reason not to evacuate based on worrying on whether or not you're gonna have to pay a toll. or whether there's going to be a problem with an evacuation zone. we're going to do everything we can to keep these roads clear," said Governor Scott.

My grandma and stepdad said that most people in my grandma's neighborhood decided to ride it out and stay at home verses evacuating.

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