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Tape Day for Ty: PEM students show love, support for one of their peers

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ELGIN, Minn. (FOX 47) -

It's no secret that in elementary school, kids are all about "fitting in"...and that rings especially true for Ty Schneider.

Ty was born deaf, so lives with cochlear implants in his ears.

Just like any other fourth grader, Ty works hard at school, plays football, soccer, and baseball, and loves his family.

Friday at recess at Plainview-Elgin-Millville 4 to 6 school, he was playing football and lost the hook to one of his implants.

Without the hook, he can't hear, so once inside, a classmate suggested using tape to hold it on.

Embarrassed and not wanting to be "different", Ty didn't want to do that.

But what happened next is remarkable: all of Ty's classmates decided they wanted to wear tape on their heads, as well.

"He said he would do it and other kids said they would do it, so I decided to do it,” said Ty.

A day aptly referred to as “Tape Day for Ty”.

"I think for him it's an inclusion factor that he knows he can count on them if something happens, somebody else will be there to help him out. So he doesn't have to fight the battle himself," said Ty's teacher, Monica Huntoon.

Huntoon said she couldn't ask for more from a group of students.

She also said that through her years of teaching, she's learned that when you have a child who is uniquely different from other children, you learn more from them and the class learns more from them, as well.

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