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Fight like a butterfly: Isabel's journey

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Back in 2015, we told you the story of now 8-year-old Isabel Perez, who three years ago, was diagnosed with a rare brain disease called intercranial hypertension.

Not knowing the outcome for the long-run, she created an adventure list, or things she wants to experience.

One of her wishes was to go to prom, and we took you to that special day back in May of 2015.

We also told you about her love of butterflies, the creature that mirrors her strength, yet remains steadfast and beautiful through it all.

And now, we add another element to her journey.

We are sad to say, little Isabel is back in the hospital.

After her shunt became infected and started pushing out of her scalp last Tuesday, Isabel has undergone emergency surgery, and is now battling kidney failure.

Like a beautiful butterfly, flying against the wind, Isabel's strength and resilience are unmatchable.

The Mexican Blue Wing is her favorite butterfly,a symbol that's become synonymous with Isabel.

"She absolutely loves butterflies,” said Laura-Perez Nichols, Isabel's mother.

The 8-year-old has been blessed with an endless support system and keeps crossing off items on an adventure list she created.

"Knowing that she can fulfill these things. And have 20 minutes of happiness. And 20 minutes of just being alive and enjoying it. That's what I live for,” said Laura.

But, things have turned,f or the last week, the outgoing Isabel has been spending her days in a hospital room.

"I've been playing games, I've been watching a lot of movies," said Isabel.

With IH, Isabel is no stranger to hospitals, but this time is different.

"Never thought I would see it, but she's definitely pulling back a little bit,” said Laura.

A chipper extrovert, Isabel has turned more introverted, as a coping mechanism.

"Our family kind of talks about how she has found her little safe cocoon. Somewhere deep inside of herself. And that's kind of where she goes," said Laura.

She continued, “when I can get her to come back out a little bit, we talk and I remind her that she's strong and she has to fight it. And that we're all here fighting.”

Though times are tough now, Laura has faith her daughter will cross off those adventure list items.

"Moms want to make their kids as happy as they can be and when she struggles as much as she does., fulfilling all of those wishes just means the world to me,” said Laura.

"Can you buy me a pet butterfly,” asked Isabel on Tuesday afternoon.

Laura's response?: “If I can find you a butterfly, I will.”

So what exactly is going on, you may be wondering?

Well, Laura explained it all.

“Isabel has or had an infection in her shunt. This past shunt was placed in August and it became infected like it did last January. We came into the emergency room and the infection just got out of control to the point it was pushing the shunt back out. Her body was rejecting the shunt. Pushing it back through her scalp. They took her to emergency surgery. And we have been in the ICU since last Tuesday, trying to get the infection under control. So, we're battling that and trying to get that under control, but in the process of all of that, her kidneys have shut down on us and have failed. It was a slow progression, but we're at that failure point. So we're just waiting for the kidneys to turn back around and start functioning properly, so we can get back to attacking that infection and then we can get back to replacing her shunt which will help her intercranial hypertension,” said Laura.

She added, “It's kind of a waiting game when it comes to this kind of injury.”

Until that waiting game is over, all the family can do is be hopeful.

Laura did say that they have created a Facebook page for Isabel, for anyone who wants to stay updated on her condition.

Just head to Facebook and search “Fight Like a Butterfly – Isabel's Journey”.  

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