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Rochester weighs in on expectations for debate

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

With only a little over a month left until election day, the race to the White House is taking off.

The first presidential debate was Monday night, giving the entire country a peak into the viewpoints of those running to be the future leader of our country.

Prior to the debate, we went downtown to speak with Rochester residents and visitors about their debate expectations and who they hope wins the presidency.

"Anyone who lives in this country these days should be very concerned about what's going on. And I think they should all be wanting to watch these debates," said Robbye Ridout, who didn't want to disclose who she plans to vote for this election.

"It's just kind of a joke to me. Seems like it's an insult to everyone's intelligence, because neither of the candidates seem qualified to run the country at all," said Zach Beste, who doesn't like either candidate.

When asked what topics are most important, we got a variety of answers.

"Foreign policy, immigration, perhaps he can speak intelligently about the wall that he wants to build,” said Rebecca Weinshilboum, who plans to vote for Clinton.

It's always possible that debate night could sway your choice for president to the other candidate.

"It's highly unlikely, but I guess there's always a chance. I haven't voted yet,” said Ridout.

In Rochester, viewpoints seem to mirror the national polls—it's pretty much a tie.

"His ideas, I think, are good. He's kind of a newcomer on the scene of politics,” said Harlan Gates, who is on Team Trump.

"I think Hillary obviously is tried and proven and qualified and I think Trump is not,” said Horace Hunt, who is obviously going to vote Clinton.

But then, there's those that choose, well, neither.

“Neither. If I was gonna vote for any of them, I'd probably vote for Johnson, right? The independent,” said Beste.

Hopes and ideals for the debate, weren't raised very high.

"I don't really have particular expectations because I think it could go almost any direction,” said Ridout.

And though they might not all have the same viewpoint when it comes to the next leader of America, one thing can be agreed upon: the next leader needs to be someone who is willing to put their needs aside and do what is best for all people living in our nation, as a whole.

The next debate will be the Vice Presidential debate on October 4th.

According to the latest Real Clear Politics average for the presidential race, Clinton leads Trump in national polls, 46 to 44 percent.

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