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Flooding in Austin comparable to flooding same time six years ago

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AUSTIN, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Wednesday night's storm also took a toll on Austin.

Though the worst has likely passed, Austin City Engineer Steven Lang said it is probably one of the town's top 5 flood events in recent years.

A flood warning was issued around 2:45 Thursday afternoon in Austin, lasting until late afternoon/early evening on Saturday.

As of Thursday afternoon, the city was already seeing flood waters, and some waters are only expected to rise.

According to the National Weather Service, rain is supposed to continue Thursday night off and on until at least Saturday, so Austin is not in the best position for keeping waters at bay.

Lang said, as of Thursday afternoon, flooding is considered moderate, though he's not sure of the exact elevation.

Most remarkable about this flooding event, however, is not the high waters, but it's the banding together of the community.

At the Salvation Army, residents were working hard for hours on end to fill sandbags, to ensure that anyone who is in the plane of flood, would stay dry.

"Honestly, we had a big turnout. When we got here, there was probably a handful and people just kept showing up. And it means a lot to know that people in the community will come and recognize that the Salvation Army does stuff for them, and for them to give back to the Army," said Rochester resident David Hare, who was helping fill sandbags at Salvation Army on Thursday, along with his sons.

As of Thursday evening, there were about 10 to 15 roads closed in Austin, due to the high waters.

Lang also added this flood can be compared to the flood that took place almost exactly six years ago, to the date.

"It's actually very comparable to 2010. We flooded on September 24th, 2010, and the high water elevation at that time was 20.6. Right now, on September 22nd of 2016, we're projected to get to 20.1. So it's very similar to that event," explained Lang.

And again, there is a flood warning going on for the Austin area until Saturday late afternoon, early evening, so everyone in the area, please take heed.

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