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Assisi Heights pushes peace and love to the forefront, celebrates International Day of Peace

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

In a world struck by tragedy, violence, and hate, on Wednesday, people across the world celebrated unity and peace.

It was the United Nations' International Day of Peace, and Assisi Heights Spirituality Center in Rochester was hoping to bring that love and harmony to our community.

International Peace Day was established in 1981 by a unanimous United Nations resolution,

and the original resolution was augmented in 2001.

It is now celebrated every year on September 21st.

With an international theme of "The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks of Peace", International Day of Peace focuses on raising awareness and committing to peace and harmony across the globe.

In a time when violence, tragedy, and hurt seem to fill newscasts across the globe, worldwide peace seems to be lightyears away.

"I think words make people violent and I think we have to have a way that our words speak peace," said Sr. Ann Redig of Assisi Heights.

Working to end violence is a major piece of the International Day of Peace puzzle.

"With violence, all you get is more violence and well, people dead. Peace, really you can get some rational thinking done and hopefully resolve issues," said 15-year-old Luke Rowley, who was at Wednesday evening's program at Assisi Heights.

Following those who lead peaceful lives can also aid in transmitting peace to all.

"We know there are so many people that really are models of peace and love in the world and mercy. And it's just a matter of knowing where they are and what we see," said Sr. Ann.

One key is to make sure peace and love are put before violence and hate.

"Hate just kind of makes you and everyone around you more hateful,” said Rowley.

And, hope the day will come when love conquers and newscasts share more stories of joy, than those of despair.

"I think love can get to people better and get better results,” added Rowley.

To view all 17 Building Blocks of Peace, and to learn more about International Day of Peace, just check out this website:

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