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Miracle Mile development plans spark concerns from Kutzky Park Neighborhood

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -

With the coming of DMC, lots of changes and developments are popping up throughout the city.

One such development project, the Miracle Mile project, has seemed to spark more community feedback than most other proposals.

The Miracle Mile development plan is moving quickly, just next week the plans will go to the City Planning and Zoning Commission to be approved.

However, not all of the Kutzky Park Neighborhood community agree with the current plans.

Wednesday night, community members gathered to voice some thoughts and hear from the developer, The Stencil Group, in regards to the proposed development of the Miracle Mile.

The Stencil Group, plans to redevelop the Miracle Mile with a 30,460 square foot grocery store, 6,800 square feet of commercial/restaurant/retail space, and a housing project comprised of 108 units.

However, not unlike all projects, there are some major concerns, including lack of aesthetics, poor layout, and whether or not the plans are pedestrian and/or handicap friendly.

Despite the causes for concern, there is one thing most can agree.

"I think everyone's really excited to see this move forward, Miracle Mile redeveloping, if you drive down 16th, it's quite an eyesore to have that back of the building to the neighborhood. We've always knew this was going to happen so finally seeing it come forward, is exciting," said Jesse Welsh, the President of the Kutzky Park Neighborhood Association.

Though they are excited about the project, the community believes the developer is working to cater to the needs of the grocery store, verses the needs and wants of the community.

The community is also not happy about the fact that the developer can't yet say what grocery company will be adding the Miracle Mile as another location to its string of cities.

At Wednesday's meeting, with all of the concerns being voiced, one man brought about the following point to the developer: He hopes the developer doesn't think the Kutzky Park Neighborhood is being hostile about the plans, they have just been burned many times and hope to keep that from happening ever again.

Again, development plans will go to the City Planning and Zoning Commission meeting next week (on September 14th) to be approved. 

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