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Mickelson brothers talk racing and beyond the track

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MILLVILLE, Minn. (FOX 47) -

Millville is home to a track known for motors roaring and spraying up dirt. On July 2nd and 3rd, it plays host for the Spring Creek ATV MX Series. For two Eyota brothers, this park feels close to home. The Mickelson brothers experience racing beyond the track. 

"My parents loved trail riding and we would usually start taking over, riding their quads," said Noah Mickelson. "They started to get sick of that so they bought us our own. We started riding local tracks and building a few jumps in our backyard and it just boomed from there."

"We all help each other out and if anything goes wrong, everybody's there to help," said Haedyn Mickelson. "It's really just one big family."

These guys travel all over the country, and although this track is in a more familiar area to both Noah and Haedyn, for others that's not the case. Thomas Brown made the trip from Texas, and he's been professionally riding for seven years now.

"My dad gave me the keys to the motor home at 17 and said I'll meet you at the races and he stayed home and worked and paid the bills," Brown explained. "I got the luxury in life and got to drive the motor home around. From 17 to 23 I lived in my motor home pretty much full time, going from track to track."

Racers are from all over, but they all have one thing in common - their love for racing.

"This sport means my whole life pretty much," said Noah.

"It's a full time job for me, but it's not a job at all," said Brown. "This is fun. Every day I get to ride. Working out is an all day deal but when I get on the quad, and everything's clicking, that's when it's the funnest."

The Mickelson brothers don't want their rides to end, with goals of making it pro like Brown.

"It'd be awesome. Just being able to travel around the country riding and working out," explained Haedyn. "That's the dream."

Off-roading on the path to greatness is full of twists, turns, and obstacles along the bumpy ride. But these guys are carving out their own marks on the tracks of this sport.

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