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Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company begins Renaissance Festival Tryouts

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The 46th annual Minnesota Renaissance Festival isn't until August but the SkyVault Theatre Company is already preparing to transport attendees back in time!  

"Well right now, we and the Renaissance Festival, we're partnering in a variety of different ways, and one of the ways is to recruit new actors," said Artistic Director of SkyVault Theatre, Daved Driscoll. "We will take actors here in Rochester, with the Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company and we will train them over the summer to be ready to perform in August, September and October at the Renaissance Festival."

The Renaissance Festival is a long standing tradition here in Minnesota, but if you've never been what can you expect? 

"It's a wide range of activities going on from sword fighting, dressing up fancy, seeing jousting, all sort of fun things to sort of leap back in time, sort of grown ups and kids together sort of play acting and dressing up," said Driscoll. "It's a lot of fun, it's a great experience." 

Acting in an improvisational way is very different from stage acting, and one major way it is different is the time. 

"The actors are in character from the minute it opens until after it closes, and that's part of the fun," said Driscoll. "Whether we're just having lunch as our characters, sitting there eating as a character is more interesting than just eating there as plain old you on your day to day basis, so yeah! It's a 10 hour, in character, event." 

But for the actors it's more than just about performing their part. 

"Working with people," said performer, Tatianna O'Driscoll. "There's kind of an ensemble you really get to be a part of and growing close to those people and also working with the audience and being a part of those people and join in with them and just having fun and then also the actors who have been at the Renaissance Festival for a really long time seeing what they can do and learning from them and having fun experiences that you never thought you would have."

So what does it take to be an actor at the Renaissance Festival? 

"Almost exclusively right now we're looking for willingness," said Driscoll. "That's really a big qualification and we have several different sub groups of actors. We have some that have been acting for a decade and they've done this type of acting for years and years and are intensely ready to do stage performance and this type of acting, but we are very happy to and ready to train people in a couple of months this sort of crash course to prepare them for some of the simpler levels of interacting with audience members."

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