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Lanesboro horticulture class preparing greenhouse for plant sale

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Lanesboro high school students prep greenhouse for end-of-year sale Lanesboro high school students prep greenhouse for end-of-year sale
 LANESBORO, Minn. (KXLT) -- High school students in Lanesboro are getting to put their green thumbs to good use. This year marks the second year that the school's horticulture class has had a greenhouse for hands-on learning and gardening.

Sunlight, water, oxygen and love, those are the key ingredients needed when growing plants.

Students in the horticulture class at Lanesboro High School are able to provide that and much more with the help of a greenhouse to grow different plant species.

"We have a wide variety, anything from petunias to Daisies, anywhere from Colias and Lantanas," says student, Haely Leiding. "In different hanging baskets, we have different varieties, to see based on their color patterns or their growing habits, which would look best for our customer."

The customers Leiding is referring to are the customers who go to the horticulture class's end-of-the-year plant sale. Through this sale, students learn much more than just gardening. They also learn tools of the trade for business.

"With doing the sale, we learn a lot of business management skills," says student, Maggie Haugstad. "We have to look at the basic costs of all the plants to learn the retail price that we want to give people, and it's done a lot for us because we learn responsibility, we learn a lot of other skills that we can use in the real world, after high school."

The horticulture class advisor, Kristi Ruen, says the high school's greenhouse is the only greenhouse in town, and it was made possible through numerous grants.

"Our advisor, Mrs. Kristi Ruen, she signed up for many different AgStar and other companies that have different grants for FFA chapters and other greenhouse grants that are out there," Leiding says. "And then we also have our school that supported us and put money towards this. Without this school and their support, we wouldn't be able to have a greenhouse here today."

For anyone interested in reaping the benefits of Lanesboro High School's Horticulture Class greenhouse, their end-of-the-year plant sale will be May 8th from 4 to 7p.m. and May 9th from 9 a.m. to noon.


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