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"Homework Help" program helps students of all ages

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ROCHESTER, MN ( FOX 47) If you are someone you know is looking to make sure all of your “I's” are dotted and “T's” are crossed, the Rochester Public Library may be able to help. On Monday evenings, throughout the school-year, the library is offering homework help. From 6 to 8:45, students can come in and received help in subjects like math, science, literature and other topics.

Sarah Joynt, who is the library's Teen Librarian, says the reason behind the program is rather practical.

“It's a great service to be able to offer to the community, for people who either cannot afford a tutor or maybe it's kids who don't have questions every single night or just every once in awhile have a math problem they just can't figure out,” Joynt explained. “Or, perhaps the math or science is a little bit beyond what the parents may be able to do. If the parents haven't done math problems like this since high school or college and now all of a sudden they've got fifth or sixth graders or high-school students doing algebra, it may be difficult for them to provide the correct answers,” Joynt said. “It's a nice service that we provide to the community and it's obviously something quite of bit of people in our community need.”

Joynt also says that the homework help program can even help those who are new: not only to Rochester, but to the United States as well.

“We have a lot of students who are new to the area , possibly new to the country and are just getting used to the way we do homework in Rochester. It helps to get kids caught up and up to speed.

The “Homework Help Program” is staffed by local teachers as well as local students.

We spoke to two of those students and asked them why they are willing to take part in this program.

Kayla Lewis, who is a student at UMR believes that for her: “It gives me something to do. It's a good thing to do.” Naomi Hazard, who is another tutor adds that: “It's nice to get involved in the community in a different way other than what we do through school.”

Although this group is made up of mostly younger students, the homework help program is open to students of any age. Sarah also says that it's a very relaxed atmosphere, with no appointments needed.

“The program is open to anyone who needs help,” said Joynt. “Sometimes, someone just needs a paper proofread and we've got staff and volunteers that can help with that.

Because it is a first-come, first-serve program, the instructors want to make sure that students, just like in school, are, above all prepared to ask questions and be diligent in their work.

Naomi Hazard explains what students ought to do, to make the most of the instructors and other students' time.

“I would say come in and ask questions, have the questions ready. Know your assignments, know what you're supposed to do and utilize the time you have here with the tutors, because it is a free program.”

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