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Woman's intuition leads to career change

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 ZUMBROTA, Minn. (FOX 47) - Heather Oelschlager got her degree and set out to work in the travel industry. She succeeded and for a number of years, was a travel agent. However, when airlines started cutting commission to agents, Oelschlager was laid off. She followed her intuition into a different career path; she is a psychic medium.

Oelschlager says she refers to it as "ultra-sensory perception," which she says is something similar to clairvoyance. People travel hundreds of miles to ask her questions about their futures and about lost loved ones. Many say they are impressed with her answers. "She just said some things that there's no way she could have known," said Jennifer Smith of her first visit to see Oelschlager. Smith was looking for answers after her mother died in an accident.

Many come to Oelschlager out of grief. One participant came to seek closure after the death of her husband. "Heather told me that he said thank you for respecting his wishes, and it was like I that was my last step in the grieving process, I could finally move on," said the participant. She said she had taken her husband off of life support as per their agreement when he became very ill.

Oelschlager says regardless of what people think of her work, she's glad to offer an alternative form of healing and grieving to others.

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