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Rochester theater group new to Renaissance Festival

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SHAKOPEE, Minn. (FOX 47) - The 44th annual Renaissance Festival is underway and among the group of expressive young people are a a few new faces."This is our first year here at the Renaissance Festival," said director Daved Driscoll.

The sky vault theater is based out of Rochester, Minn. They say their first shows are already going well. "It's going really really well. It's amazing. Our actors have talked about how the other actors are kind of a family and we're kind of the new brother in law that just married in and everyone welcoming us in amongst the other performers. Very encouraging, and there are people that have been here for 20, 30, 40 years giving these young actors a lot of advice and pointers about the specifics of working at the Renaissance festival, the specific of street performing here that has really been useful and extremely encouraging," said Driscoll.

"I think it's been really good. It's been really fun doing it with a different audience than we're used to. People come to the Renaissance Festival and they look for interaction, they look for interacting with the performers, or doing stuff on stage, or stuff like that. So it's really fun to come in and be able to bring people up on stage and just have a great time with them and do lots of stuff like that, it's been really fun," said actor and player Abigail Kuhlman. She's been acting for ten years.

The average age of the performers is only 18 but they offer very special shows. "Each performance is different, we look at the audience and we see what we think they would like and we see if we can do music, we do different skits, lots of interaction with the audience, it's really key to what we do. We take the audience in as one of us really and they become one of our troupe, we really become one with the audience and we're all pretty much together, we do the show together, they help us tell the story," said Kuhlman.

"All the music is all music that they're written, they've come up with this, most of these musicians have been playing for ten years or nearly that except sometimes they come in and pick up a new instrument, our bass player has just started learning lute in the last year and it's great. And I think that's a big part of what we do is the music is always improvised as well as our own stuff that we've written, and we're always changing it," said Driscoll.

The Sky Vault Theater troupe will be performing for many more audiences in the coming weeks. "We are going to be doing the Renaissance Festival for the whole run, so I believe we have four or five more weekends," said Kuhlman.

If you miss that, the Sky Vault Theater also has plans to expand in the future.

"Well the Sky Vault Theater really began this last summer with a tour of Shakespeare in the park through Southern Minnesota and between cities, and we plan to expand that to the whole state plus Wisconsin and Iowa beginning next summer and beyond so we will really become sort of a three state touring group," said Driscoll.

The Renaissance Festival runs rain or shine during weekends through September 28th, 2014.

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