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Horse trainer embraces opportunity

 DELANO, Minn. (FOX 47) - Ralph Hill is passionate about working with horses and young riders.

"I'm a trainer of all riders and horses trying to get them to come together as a team because a horse has a mind and the rider has a mind and the riders mind is supposed to be bigger than the horses, but everyone's into fast food now, but I'm training them that they have to go at the pace of the horse and wait for the horse to come to them so they can become a team," said Hill.

He has the experience to back up what he teaches. " I did grands prix, and I even race rode because I was a little leaner than I am now and I did timber races and brush races." He'd won many, many awards and titles.

So what stopped his career in it's tracks? Hill suffered a brain injury in an accident, and there were concerns that he might not have survived.

"Well I like to really now because I've done everything in this sport, I love passing the torch. And basically god finally passed my torch, I'm not even supposed to be here, I had a bad horse accident. So now I like passing the torch to the young, any rider, "

He considers it an opportunity to share his passion for the animals. "So I teach them to forget about everything else, concentrate on the individual horse and see what he needs today. It doesn't mean that he wont do what you want him to do tomorrow, but he needs you to listen to him today. So I teach them the different exercises they can use to teach what they want."

 His lessons seem to stick with the young riders.

Mia Geraci won the blue ribbon. "I would like to keep riding through college as long as my parents support me. But schools the number one priority so as soon as I finish college I'd like to have a barn of my own one day and keep competing and eventing, or dressage, one of the two."

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