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Mayo Clinic offers Saturday Morning Sports Clinic

ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- With fall just around the corner, that means one thing: fall sports will soon begin. In those sports like football, basketball, etc., we know that precautions are taken to keep young athletes safe. However, injuries happen more often than not. “FOX in the Morning” spoke with Chad Eickhoff, who is the Director of Outreach Services at the Mayo Clinic, about one option that they offer; which can help to diagnose those injuries that happened at the game, with precision and urgency.

“At the 'Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center,' we offer a Saturday morning injury clinic. So, young athletes with their parents or legal guardian, can come and be evaluated that Saturday after Friday football games; from 8 o'clock until noon,” explained Eickhoff. “We provide medical physician services, physical therapy services as well as athletic training services. Anyone who may need our services can call, starting at 8 o' clock and actually get an appointment time. However we will take 'walk-ins.' We would like to have the 'walk-ins' here by 11 o'clock preferably; as we would like to not have them here until 5 o'clock. We will stay, though, until every athlete is seen. An appointment is not required,” Eickhoff said.

“One of the biggest advantages of our program is not having to wait around in the emergency room. However, if in fact the injury is of a serious nature, we do recommend going to the E.R. First, before or instead of seeing us,” Eickhoff explained. “Luckily, we have not had to refer too many people right over to the emergency room. Another advantage to the program is avoiding having to wait anywhere from two days to a week, trying to get an appointment with a family provider. We offer this program especially for the football athlete, because those injuries are really important to check out; in particular concussions. If there is a concern of some sort of a more serious injury, we do have orthopedic surgeons on site and physical medicine physicians as well. They are able to determine what is needed next, whether they do need an MRI or some other follow-up,” said Eickhoff.

“This is our eighth fall and it's gone very well. We will typically see 15 to 20 kids pretty easily. Those can include volleyball athletes that got hurt on Thursday night, as well as soccer or cross-country athletes. It's a great program and we hope that young athletes will take advantage of it.”

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