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Floral arrangement tips

 ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) - Bouquets and arrangements may look complicated, but creating your own is really quite simple. Rochester Garden & Flower Club members Ginni Cormack and Nancy Hedger shared their techniques for creating a stunning vertical arrangement using flowers from the garden.

"You know it's really interesting because when you do the work yourself, it's so rewarding. You can sit back, and periodically I do this myself, I'll make an arrangement and I'll think ' hmm I wonder if I'd like it a little bit better this way or a little bit better that way' and it's just fun to play with it. Then, when it's just the way you want it you really are quite proud of what you've done," said Hedger.

The two women collected flowers from their garden with the arrangement in mind. When cutting flowers from the garden, make sure that there is a clean cut and that the flower stems are immediately placed in water.

The first step is to choose a container and put a slice of Oasis in it. Oasis is a type of floral foam that can be found at most hobby stores and it does the double-job of holding the flowers in place and supplying them with water.

The design should be about 1.5 times as tall as the container itself. Select a straight piece of foliage that will make the finished product about that high and place it in the center of the Oasis foam. Cormack suggests that foliage be a piece of greenery and not color. 

Add a couple other small pieces of color and foliage building out, then focus on the bottom. Use small  pieces of greenery stuck into the Oasis by their stems to completely cover the Oasis block from view.

Once the Oasis is no longer visible, place more of the colored flower evenly around the design.

Add some interest using globe thistle. Always use an odd number for aesthetic purposes.

Then add your focal flowers. Ginni and Nancy used calla lilies. Put the smallest blossom highest in the design, and place the gradually larger ones lower. Again, use an odd number.

Lastly, add some water to the container and Oasis block so that it is damp to the touch. The arrangement should last for about one week.


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