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"Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge" looks to make a difference


ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) – For many, substance abuse may seem to be like an inescapable tunnel, that is sealed off at both ends. Although help may be out there, many may feel that treatment facilities can be cold or isolating. But the “Minnesota Teen and Adult Challenge” looks to banish that notion.

“ This building used to be Bethany Samaritan Nursing Home. About a year ago, we ended up purchasing the building and doing serious renovations to it. And now, we're open as 'Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge Treatment Facility'.” Tom Truszinksi, who is the center director, explained that their use of the building is relatively new. “We've been open since January 6th. Seven men from one of our Minneapolis campuses were transferred in January to this facility,” said Truszinski. “Now we are at roughly 60 men and great things are happening everyday.”

Trusinski, himself a survivor of an addiction, says the center helps to bring support and rehabilitation to a varying degree of addictions and other struggles a resident may experience. “Our campus serves only men. However there are other campuses that serve both men and women. It's a licensed, 'Rule 31' treatment program. “We have two wings in our facility. We have a short-term wing, which is a 14 to 90 day program. We also have a wing which is a 13 to 15 month long-term program, which we call 'Life Recovery'; which is a faith-based recovery program,” Truszinski said.

Given the environment and different backgrounds of the residents, many have not led a normal, structured life, in quite awhile. Truszinski explained that having that schedule established for them, helps to bring well need normality to their lives. “Much of our day is structured here. The guys have different classes, they have chapel, they have lectures that they go to, in addition to their outpatient counseling time. But we also allow downtime. There is time when the guys get to relax and just be guys. We have TV rooms, we have prayer rooms. We also have a large common area, where they can sit, talk and play cards. And they can just have fun. So, what we're trying to do is we're trying to help them understand what the root of their addiction is or was. We want to be able to help them find freedom,” said Truszinski.

When a loved one or friend is struggling with substance abuse, one may feel compelled to help and do whatever it takes on their part. But, Truszinski, makes a clear distinction on what, in his opinion, should be left up to the person with the addiction. “Treatment is for those who want it, not those who need it. We know a lot of people who need it, but they don't want it. When a person gets to a point of wanting help, that is the door that we want everyone to have open to them. When you do see an opportunity to make somebody aware of treatment opportunities, be able to know where to point them. There are many great opportunities for treatment in Minnesota and even in southeastern Minnesota.

“Freedom is possible. Freedom is available. I know that there are a lot of people who feel helpless and feel hopeless in their drug and alcohol addictions. But, I can tell you that hope and help can be found. 'Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge' is one of those places to seek it.”

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