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Traveling musician shares zest for life

 ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) - The Lundeen Roadshow stopped in Rochester to play a show on August 20th, 2014. The journey it took for the family to get there was almost more impressive than the music itself. Cami Lundeen, a woman from Vashon Island, Washington, left the Northwest in June 2014 to go on the tour of a lifetime. 

Cami Lundeen is a singer-songwriter, she also plays the acoustic guitar. She described her music as similar to Adelle, "it's indie pop rock is my genre, it's kind of blues pop-y, if that makes sense."

In 2014 she decided to make a change and go on tour. "We sold just about all of our stuff in May of this year, and we left Vashon Island, Washington in mid-June in our mini van and pop up camper behind us and we're just touring the country playing music for an indefinite amount of time right now," said Cami.

Her husband, Erik Lundeen, was on board with the plan. "What's the thing that we want to do? I mean really, why sit here and keep going through the motion - it's just this cycle where you wake up, you do the same thing, you go to bed, you wake up again and do it all over again, and just kind of feeling like there was not a lot of meaning to it," said Erik. He helped plot out a loop around the United States staying just with people the couple knew and playing shows in those cities.

Despite the close proximity on the road, Cami and Erik agree the tour has been a great experience for their four children. "There's so much that they're learning while they're on the road that there's not a lot you have to supplement with, we'll have a math curriculum, and they'll have books that they'll be reading but then we kind of try to make everywhere we go a lesson, learn about the place that we're going and anything we can teach them about where we are," said Cami.

The tour has been made possible by the generosity and support of others. Cami's debut album, Run Free, was crowd-funded by Kickstarter, a website in which strangers can send donations to a project they would like to see completed. On the road, the Lundeens have stayed with friends and people they knew. Some of the money they make has been given to the project by inspired show-goers. "Everything we have right now is from the shows and donations that we get along the way. So we are living just off of that," said Cami, "We're still going, so it's working somehow. People have been really generous and a lot of times when they hear my story, people give more."

It's not surprising that some people have donated generously when they heard Cami's story. "In 2010, I was diagnosed with a rare incurable liver disease. I have an autoimmune disorder as well called ulcerative colitis, and this was a complication of that. So in 2010, that spring, I was diagnosed with this. It's called primary sclerosing cholangitis and it was just after that that I had the opportunity to pick up my guitar after I hadn't played probably for six years, and I'd only played a few years before that. And then I just started writing songs...I went through depression, just facing a lot of fear and anger, about death and things that I hadn't faced before. So one day I just sat down and wrote this song called Not be afraid and it was kind of my for myself at first it was kind of my reminder that I need to live life while I'm here," said Cami.

Cami doesn't know how much time she has, or how long they'll be able to make this tour last, but she said she's thankful that she's out sharing her music, "I want to be out in the world making a difference, I want to be out there giving other people hope and inspiration as well as just, you know, good fun entertainment."

The Lundeen Roadshow is still on tour across the united states. For more information on Cami and her family's journey visit or
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