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Work out like a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (FOX 47) - For those who have envied the fit physiques of professional cheerleaders, the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders shared the steps for their bi-weekly workouts.

Fitness is so important to the team that, this year, they've traded out the traditional swimsuit calendar for a calendar that offers fitness tips instead.

"We are very fitness focused, I think it's something that we really pride ourselves on with the MVC. So, we strength train, we do a lot of cardio and I think it shows on the bodies of our squad," said Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader and team captain Jackie.
The Vikings Cheerleaders take their exercise seriously. The team meets with personal trainers twice a week. "Our goal as lifetime fitness with this partnership is to make sure that we have the fittest cheerleader in the NFL," said lifetime trainer Ryan Svenby.

The workout is comprised of sprints at the trainers' whims, some weight training, and the following callisthenic exercises. 

Sliding on towels, the cheerleaders do twenty reverse lunges on each leg.

Then they do twenty pikes.

One minute of leg slides on each side.

Twenty mountain climbers.

Then ten slow, abductor slides on their backs.

Twelve sliding hand pushups.

Followed by twenty twisting lunges, and twenty straight leg sit ups.

The workout is followed by stretching.

It's a tough workout but the cheerleaders said that anyone can do it. "For women at home who want the cheerleader body, just know that you have it in you, that anyone can do it, it takes a lot of work and it takes a lot of discipline, if you really are able to push yourself and surround yourself with motivating people then you really can do whatever you set your mind to," said Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader and team captain Kristen.

She said the workouts are well worth it. "Working out with the MVC is the best workout that I've ever had, I've never really knew how hard I could push myself."

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