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Rochester Public Library has something for everyone

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47)-- It's a place many have been to do research and reading. But, when one thinks of a library as a place to play games, that's where some may scratch their heads. “FOX in the Morning” went to the Rochester Public Library to find out just how much and what types of fun can be found at the book-bearing building.

Heather Acerro, who is the head of Youth Services for the library, spoke with us, regarding one of the current activities happening at the library: “Chess Club.” “The idea behind 'Chess Club' is to have a welcoming space for kids to connect with each other over chess. We've had 'Chess Club' going since 2012,” said Acerro. “It's a really informal program. So kids can drop in. They can stay for the whole hour or they can leave once they've played a couple of games. We recommend it for children aged two through six. So, it's really informal and staff are here to provide support and answer any questions,” Acerro explained. On a personal note, Acerro says she can appreciate “Chess Club,” due to the fact that her children are interested in the centuries old game. “They absolutely beat me every time. I cannot win,” said Acerro.

The library has a lot to offer, beyond just books and “Chess Club.” In September, they will be starting a program called “After School Adventures.” “It's a four week rotation of four different programs,” explained Acerro.” “We'll have art, chess, Lego and science clubs. And we'll have a home school session at 2:30 and an afternoon session at 4:30. We want everyone to feel welcome in the library and to find things here that interest them,” explained Acerro.

“We've started offering different programs in the last three years and we've made a lot of changes to the Youth Services Division here. We are trying to give people an opportunity to create. We want the library to be, not like a grocery store, where you go in and pick your items and you take them home, but a kitchen, where you come in and create something. I think we just need to be a community center. We need to be a place where people of all ages feel welcome to come and explore things,” Acerro explained.” Acerro had a final message for “FOX in the Morning,” on why people should stop down and explore the library. “People should come to the library, because we have something for everybody.”


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