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Vintage baseball entertains at Days of Yesteryear

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) - "America's favorite past time" has seen some changes since it's start. Some enthusiasts, however, are doing their best to appreciate the game in it's classical form.

No gloves. Wooden bats. No set outfield positions. "Huzzah." It's the version of baseball that was originally played in 1860, and the rules were slightly different back then.

Corky "Goose" Gaskell is the captain of Rooster's Vintage Baseball Club. He explained some of the rule variances.

"The ball was determined fair or foul based on where the ball strikes the ground first. So if the ball hits the ground in front of home plate and spins backwards that would be a foul ball, but in our game that's a fair ball. You can catch a ball in one hop and the batters out, if the ball is caught in one bound. In today's batting order, the third out then the next batter is just the next batter in the order. In our game if the third batter that makes an out is done on the bases, the person that batted before them in that order would be the next striker in the order. So it's a little bit different, you've got to keep track of where that third out was made, not just that there was a third out," said Gaskell.

There's an eleven team league that plays old-fashioned baseball in the Minnesota area. The Roosters Vintage Baseball Club is one of them. The team played over the weekend at the Days of Yesteryear event at the History Center of Olmsted County with the intent of educating and entertaining the crowds.

Men and boys of all ages participate in the leagues. Gaskell said there are two main reasons for their participation.

"It's a combination of the love of the history and the love of the game, and in the vintage game we're not looking for tremendous athletes were looking for people interested in the history, volunteering for the history center, and so they have the ability to play this game pretty much at any skill level," said Gaskell.

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