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Drone enthusiast suggests education on drone / UAV usage and practice

 ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) - Drones are the topics of many headlines right now. Kevin Guy, drone enthusiast and owner of Everything Hobby, shared some of his insights on current drone usage, and the more common UAV or "unmanned aerial vehicle." He said training, education, and ethics are key elements to the conversations people should be having about drones.

"The small minority that aren't using these correctly are probably going to create some rules for the rest of us that we probably aren't going to like very well," said Guy of drone and UAV use, "I think the biggest problem with all the drones or UAVs is there's rules and laws but it's up in limbo right now so they're really working on writing those laws and rules. The problem with today is we can go to most of these department stores and buy one of these things and strap a camera onto it and people are doing the wrong things because they aren't very educated with this stuff."
For the most part, Guy said that people who come to his hobby shop buy UAVs to enjoy them. He said people have fun flying them and use them to take photos that require an aerial view like real estate or wild life, most people don't use UAVs improperly.

"There's a lot of people out there trying to cash in on this, if you will, but the problem is that you'll need to first learn to drive these things so you need to start small, hobbyist, and work your way up to thousands of dollars. There's some very talented folks out there but the problem is that these are extremely dangerous and to do the wrong things with them and there's been a lot of different complaints in a lot of different places because people don't necessarily like to be filmed without their knowledge," said Guy.

UAVs can be purchased for anywhere between $40.00 and many thousands of dollars. The price to own one with camera capability starts at just over $80.00. Kevin Guy recommends seeking out information on drone/UAV usage and ethics; he also offers lessons at his hobby shop.

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