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Beauty tip: how to keep summer makeup fresh in the heat

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) - Many people strive to look their best despite the heat and humidity of summer! Beauty consultant Lisa Peterson shared some tips the said will help anyone stay looking great in the summer months.

"The first thing you want to do is find some type of a primer that goes underneath your makeup that contains some type of a silicone base.  Which there's a lot of them out there. And to find a primer then, and put it on your skin first, because that will actually even out the skin tone and it adds a barrier between your skin and the product line itself and it just makes the makeup adhere a little bit better," said Peterson.

"Powder is a key when it comes to humidity and heat. So as you're using different powders on your skin whether it be for a concealer, something as easy a concealer with a powder brush, and dabbing to get underneath the eye in corrective type styles of makeup. You can even use different shades if you like, if your skin is reddish you can use some type of green tones that will help even out those reddish tones underneath the skin and hide any underlying lines and darkness that you have and even that skin out just wonderfully. Powdered foundations, they're a real trick. We've all been out in the sun where it just seems like that heat makes you feel like you're melting and when you put on this powder it will help absorb any extra shine. It is nice to know we're just going to bring that glow without that extra shine from humidity," explained Peterson.

Peterson said bronzers are another way to use powders. "Adding just kind of a light bronzer with a powder again is just going to smooth that out and keep that shine from coming with the humid air."
"For shadows, you can actually use powders or creams. Because the cream with the warmth will somehow just go with the eye flow and doesn't crease the way a powder would, so it's your choice on what you want to use," said Peterson.
"Using a waterproof mascara will obviously help because that heat and humidity will draw everything down," Peterson said of eye makeup choices.

Lastly, "Just to touch things up, you always want to finish with a makeup veil, kind of a mineral veil, just a clear soft veil, lightly brushing across the whole face and leaving you with just a beautiful glow for the day," said Peterson.

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