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"FOX in the Morning" host Nicholas Quallich shares his story

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47)-- If you would have said to me ten years ago: " You are going to be on a morning show in Rochester, Minnesota," I would have asked you: "From what planet do you come?"

Nevertheless,  every weekday morning, I sit on the set of "FOX in the Morning," which I have done with great happiness, for two whole weeks. But, truth be told, I grew up thinking that I would one day, become a conductor. Yes, I mean the type the wildly gesticulates and often makes people wonder if he or she is mentally stable. In fact, a conductor must be stable, as he or she must know what the plan is for the orchestra at every moment the baton is waved.

But, as plans are made, plans are foiled. In 2008, as you well remember, the economy took a turn for the worst and so did many industries.
So, I decided to leave school, not sure if I wanted to teach, rethought what I really wanted to do and to help my father, to whatever degree I could, in his tool-and-die shop in Cleveland. Thankfully, dad is still in business. Although it's hard to be impartial, I can tell you he is the hardest working man I know. As those difficult days passed, and as I worked an assortment of retail jobs, I thought back to how my college band director told me that I had a eloquent speaking voice and I would do well as an announcer or broadcaster.

Fast forward to 2012 and that's when I attended the Ohio Center for Broadcasting, not really knowing what to expect. I had nothing to fear. They gave me a solid foundation to begin my broadcasting career and I thank them all.Then in June, I got the call from our news director, and as they say, the rest is history. But, there are some people I wish to thank for all of their support.

First, I thank God. For without him, nothing in my life, would be possible. Second, I wish to thank my family and in particular my parents, two sisters and brother. I thank them sincerely for their support and love. I wish to thank that special someone in my life. We have been together for four years this coming October and I have loved her more and more everyday. Being 11 hours away from each other is tough, but as the late Victor Borge once said;" A smile is the shortest distance between two people." I love you, dear.

Also, a special thanks goes to all of my friends back in Cleveland. Finally, India, myself and the entire crew, wish to thank you: the viewer. Even if you set your DVRS because you need your beauty rest, know that we appreciate you taking 30 minutes out of your day to watch us; as we keep you informed and entertained. We look forward to this journey that we are calling "FOX in the Morning"


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