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Local Business is "Quilted" in Fame

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47)-- Fame... it comes and goes. But, for Sandy Evans, a local business owner, the fame has stayed to help boost business for her quilt shop, which is based in Zumbrota.

“ 'All in Stitches' is a quilt store that I started maybe 15-20 years ago. We started off in Rochester. And we've evolved and grown and we've landed here in Zumbrota...now the last couple of years. And we've really found it to be our home,” said Evans.

“People love that we are in an older building. We've got the textures and colors. We do a lot with color. As a quilter, people that like to sew with fabrics, it's just a nice combination,” Evans explained

Had it not been for a random shopping trip, the store's move from Rochester to Zumbrota, may not have happened.

“One day I was shopping up here with my daughter and we were shopping next door at the boutique.The door was open and we could see artwork on the wall. I got kind of excited and I dragged my daughter in. The store was empty except for the art on the wall. I said: 'Oh my gosh, this would be a great quilt store,'”explained Evans. “And it was just perfect. Perfect setting. The old floors, the brick walls make for a beautiful back drop for quilts. I love the color. It was already painted and ready to go. It's been newly restored by Dave Zimmerman, who's from here in Zumbrota. So, they brought it back to life. It's just a great setting,” Evans said.”

Evans says that she cannot take all of the credit for the hard work. Ann Meyer is Evans' friend and co-worker and says that the partnership came by way of inspiration. “I've known Sandy for probably 25 years or more. My husband owned a baseball card shop in Crossroads next to Craft World,” said Meyer. “I had sewn clothes and done lots of embroidery. I walked into her store one day and saw beautiful quilt on the cover of a magazine and decided: 'I know how to sew. I could make that.' It was a very complicated quilt using lots of diamonds that are not easy to put together so that they all fit well. That was how we met,” Meyer explained.

Not so long ago, some editors from a very popular magazine, came to “All in Stitches;” unbeknownst to both Meyer and Evans.

“ 'Better Homes and Gardens' puts out this magazine twice a year,” explained Evans. “And what they do is they highlight ten top shops, across the United States and I see now they have added Canada. There is certain criteria but if you feel that you fit the criteria, you can actually enter. I sent them information about my shop, sent them some photographs. Apparently, one day, the editors were here. They didn't introduce themselves. They wandered around and the next thing you know, I was called and told I was going to be one of the 'Top Shops' for this year,” Evans said. When asked how many magazine copies she had left, Evans replied: “(laughing) Just a couple, but all of the relatives have one.”

Ann Meyer says that although one might have different options when it comes to different craft or quilting stores, “All in Stitches” is very unique for one reason.

“When you walk into a store, there's a certain feeling that you get from this store and I have always called it the 'Sandy Effect,” Meyer explained. “It is the intangible that when you come into the store, there is more going on than just fabric being sold. It's a feeling you get. It's a sense that women care about each other and nurture each other in this store. And that always doesn't exist in other quilt shops that you go into. So, it's definitely the 'Sandy Effect' here,” Meyer said.


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