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Summer fashion tips

Denim jacket with peplum top Denim jacket with peplum top
 ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) - With every season comes new fashion and sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with what's "in."

 Fashion consultant Jessica Murphy works for Hanny's and shared her take on some of the best ways to wear this summer's hottest new trends for men and women.

"The first piece that really pops for women this summer is a peplum top, the peplum top is huge this season. The most important thing about the peplum is that it hits you at your natural waist so about an inch above the belly button. You don't want it too short making the top shorten your torso and you definitely don't want it too long to make it look like you don't have a waist," said Murphy, she chose to pair the top with leggings on her model, Sarah.

 "Leggings are kind of a basic that we've been seeing everywhere. Her leggings are just a little more interesting because they have some white cutouts at the bottom that just provide interest in her overall look. The denim jacket is back - especially a denim sleeveless jackets. They allow for a cooler layering piece for the summer. And then Sarah has a bright green bucket bag. The shape of the bag is what really makes it the 'bucket' look, it's a rectangular shape it can be worn cross body, on the wrist, or even on the shoulder. Lastly for Sarah's outfit we have her bangle bracelets. She has some natural wood, and a bright color, and a good suggestion when stacking bracelets is to use an odd number," said Murphy.

The next look Murphy suggested for women was the maxi dress. Model Emily wore one in a navy, cream, and coral floral pattern.

"The floral pattern is very big this season. Emily is also rocking the bangle bracelets. Tassels are big and then Emily has a red cutout bag. The cutouts provide interest. With Emily's maxi dress it's important to get it the right length, you definitely want it at the ankle or a little below, you don't want it dragging on the floor generally. You can adjust the height of your maxi dress by the shoe you wear so if it's a little too long, instead of having to go in and have it tailored, you can go ahead and just throw on a heel or a flat if it's a little bit on the short side. So Emily's bag is kind of a burnt orange-red. It pulls the red in the bottom of the dress out and kind of brings some color into this kind of basic navy and cream look," said Murphy.

Men are encouraged to dress well in the summer as well. "It's very important for men to have kind of a nice, casual summer wardrobe as well," explained Murphy.

Her model, Brandon, tried out some of the summer trends for men. "Brandon is wearing colored bottoms which have been very popular for women but we've been seeing the trend for men as well. Brandon's are a nice Caribbean blue. Paired with his bottoms he has a mini-check cotton shirt, the cotton again offers breath-ability for the summer. And then he has a fun summer hat that has a white braid with a stingy brim, and it provides some sun protection and some fashion as well. Lastly, Brandon's sunglasses are no longer the necessity but an accessory. Sunglasses, or eye wear of any sort can pull your outfit together which is what Brandon's does here," she said.

All the key wardrobe pieces that Murphy recommends can be purchased at many stores at a variety of price levels.
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