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Museum is "Fore" the Arts

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) - Imagine if you will, Picasso using a putter, Degas using a driver or van Gogh using a golf ball.

At the Minnesota Children's Museum of Rochester, there were some little artists in the making, going for a hole-in-one with their masterpieces.The museum focuses on educating children aged birth to eight years old. Dawn Devine, who is the director of the museum, says that each week, they have a different themed art program.

"We do them in the classroom. It changes each week. We are introducing 'Jump Starting the Arts', so that little ones can get a feel for different art projects and take the ideas home. This week we have Roll and Paint," said Devine. As a side note, it looks as though those golf balls will not be recycled.

The idea evolved out of their current exhibit: "Ball-O-Rama." Children can learn about concepts related to gravity, nature, art and other concepts, based on the theme of the exhibit.

"This is a nice way for them to learn and have it connect with the exhibit," Devine said. And you can see they love it." However, had it not been the efforts of some Rochester families, the museum may not have come into being. Devine explained that "the museum started as a grass roots effort of some families that lived in Rochester. They formed an advisory board. They were an advisory board for about six years, before they partnered with the children's museum in the Twin Cities. We became the first satellite for the St.Paul Children's Museum," said Devine.

Devine is a firm believer in early childhood education. "I feel like that there are very important things that happen cognitively in those first three years," she said. "We are not a drop-off facility. We are a facility for families to come." Devine went on to say that "it really is all about interacting and interfacing with your kids; which really enhances and telescopes the learning experiences." "Jump Start the Arts" goes through the end of August.

So, what's coming next to the museum? Drumroll please...

"On August 8th, we are having an instrument petting zoo," Devine said. "A bunch of high-schoolers will bring their musical instruments and allow the youngsters to interact with them. Not only will they have instrumentalists present, there will also be a male choir performing as well." Devine said that they try to keep it fresh and exciting for the children and their families.

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