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One on one with Ryan Seacrest

 MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 47) - Minneapolis was the very first stop for this year's American Idol auditions.
 The show's 14th season kicked off a couple of weeks ago and thousands of hopefuls came out to Mariucci Arena for a chance to sing their hearts out.

"This is what we do it for, one of these people on the road in one of these cities will win," said Seacrest of the crowds of people cheering and waiting to sing.

Some people had known for years they intended to audition. Zavawn Smith is one of those people.

"My freshman year of college I actually got to meet Rihanna, I stood outside of her tour bus and I started singing. Literally like 5, 10 seconds later, her camera people came out and started recording us and I actually got to be in a clip of one of her music videos. Yeah. So I feel like this is what I'm supposed to do."

Other participants made the decision to audition a bit closer to the last minute. "Actually I wasn't going to come this morning, my boyfriend was like just do it, just suck it up, just try. Singing is your passion, just do it. I think you'll make it. So I was like I don't know but I guess I'll give it a shot, so he dropped me off, basically he pushed me out of the car, he was like you're doing it," said Sydney Krych.

Season 14 of American Idol will premier January 2015, on FOX.

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