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Getting In: A time to say goodbye

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47)-- Since November, Fox 47 News has followed one local high school student on her quest to get into the college of her dreams.

Despite having perfect standardized test scores and acing her AP classes, Mayo High School senior Greta Bedekovics didn't gain admission to her dream school of Stanford University.

Following that heart-breaking blow, what school will Greta attend come fall?

"It wasn't necessarily one of my top choices, but once I got in, I loved it so much and I knew it was where I really wanted to go," said Bedekovics.

Now, Greta is set to trade in the comforts of her home in Rochester for the sunny skies and mild climate of the University of California, Berkeley.

"Honestly, I probably will miss the snow in the winter!" said Bedekovics.

After a year full of presentations, preparations, and pressure, Greta is ready to turn a new leaf and move onto the next chapter.

"There are so many more experiences that you can have that we haven't had until this point. We have always been kind of enclosed, in this K-12 environment, we haven't really had a chance to stand on our own feet and experience what we are like in the world and I think those are the best times of your life," said Bedekovics.

Bedekovics said that she has already been in contact with her roommate at via social media.

As for her plans after college? She hopes to attend graduate school.

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