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Craft brewery keeps local tradition alive

GOODVIEW, Minn. (FOX 47)-- Suds, brewskis, or just a cold one. Whatever you like to call it, the newly-minted Wenonah Brewing Company is bringing beer- along with some hops and homemade tradition- to the region.

What most would consider a whim on the weekend has now become big business for the owners of the Wenonah Brewing Company who have been making handcrafted beer in the heart of Bluff Country since November 2013.

From start to finish, a batch of suds takes about 10 days to complete, but the brewery has been a dream years in the making for owners Chris Gardner, Steve Barber, and Dave Weinhold.

The dream was all made possible by the passage of the so-called Surly Bill in 2011, which allows Minnesota breweries to serve their own beer on site.

"People's pallets have changed. They want something different," said Barber.

"It's an art and it's a craft. It's not something that everyone can do," said Gardner.

The on-site brewing provides a taste and an experience that even a novice can bottle up and take home.

The Wenonah Brewing Company's tasting room is open Thursday through Saturday.


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