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Easy & festive Christmas cocktail recipes

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By Michelle Ullman


Christmas is a time of good cheer, treasured friends and celebrations. Everyone feels more festive at holiday time, and a special cocktail adds to the merry-making.

If you will be entertaining this Christmas season, having a trademark drink or two ready to offer company will simplify your bar keeping and impress your guests.

Cold weather makes hot coffee drinks a welcome treat, and eggnog is a holiday staple. Apple cider tastes even better when it's all grown up, with a dash of cinnamon to give it Christmas warmth.

Choose a cocktail or two to call your own, and be prepared when guests come calling this holiday season.

Eggnog Drinks


Nothing says Christmas like eggnog. This traditional holiday beverage tastes great on its own, or mixed with a variety of spirits. Here are a few eggnog recipes for your Christmas cocktail party.

Christmas White Russian

Smooth and creamy.


1-1/2 ounces vodka
1-1/2 ounces Kahlua
4 ounces eggnog

Fill a tall glass with ice, then add vodka, Kahlua and eggnog.

Stir and enjoy.

Eggnog Martini


A sophisticated take on eggnog.


1 ounce eggnog
1 ounce amaretto
2 ounces rum
Nutmeg, ground
Cinnamon, ground

Combine eggnog, amaretto and rum; shake well.

Serve in a martini glass, and dust with nutmeg and cinnamon.

Golden Eggnog

The Goldschlager makes this drink look decadent.


3 ounces eggnog
1 ounce Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps
Nutmeg, ground

Mix the eggnog and Goldschlager together in a cocktail glass.

Dust with nutmeg.

Butterscotch Eggnog


Tastes like a Christmas candy.


8 ounces eggnog
2 ounces butterscotch schnapps
Nutmeg, ground

Mix eggnog and schnapps together in a cocktail glass.

Sprinkle with ground nutmeg.

Red Nog

A touch of black cherry gives eggnog a glow.


8 ounces eggnog
3 ounces Red Stag Kentucky Bourbon
Nutmeg, ground

Shake eggnog and bourbon with ice until frothy.

Pour into a wine glass, sprinkle nutmeg on top.

Apple Cider Drinks

Apple cider has a sweet and tart crispness that is particularly suited for winter weather. Add in spices such as cinnamon, cloves or nutmeg to add to the Christmas cheer. Whether warm or cold, there are a variety of apple cider cocktails worthy of serving Christmas Eve.

Hot Apple Toddy

Spicy, warm and delicious.


2 ounces whiskey
1 teaspoon sugar
6 ounces hot apple cider
Orange wedge
Cinnamon stick
Whole cloves
1 tablespoon honey

Coat the bottom of a tall cocktail glass with honey.

Add whiskey.

Fill with hot apple cider, and stir.

Garnish with orange wedge, cinnamon stick and 2-3 whole cloves.


Gold Cinnamon Stick

Easy to make, and the Goldschlager adds a special touch.


1 ounce Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps
8 ounces apple cider
Cinnamon stick

Pour Goldschlager into a tall cocktail glass, add apple cider and stir.

Garnish with cinnamon stick.

Apple Cider Twist

Delicious, grownup cider.


8 ounces apple cider
2 ounces spiced rum
1 ounce cinnamon schnapps

Stir the cider, rum and schnapps together.

Serve over ice in a cocktail glass.

Hot Brandied Cider

Perfect for warming up on a cold night.


8 ounces hot apple cider
1 ounce apple brandy
Cloves, ground
Cinnamon sticks
Whipped cream

Pour apple brandy into a mug, top with hot cider.

Finish with whipped cream.

Garnish with cinnamon sticks and a dusting of cloves.

Caramel Apple

Caramel and apples are perfect companions in this holiday treat.


8 ounces apple cider
2 ounces silver tequila
1 teaspoon caramel sauce
Caramel apple, cut into slices

Pour tequila over ice in a cocktail glass.

Add cider and stir well.

Drizzle in caramel sauce.

Garnish with slices of caramel apple.

Coffee Drinks

On a cold winter's night, a hot coffee drink hits the spot and warms you up for Christmas festivities. Your friends will welcome these delicious hot cocktails.

Irish Coffee

The classic coffee cocktail.


8 ounces coffee
1-1/2 ounces Irish whiskey
1 tablespoon sugar
Whipped cream

Combine coffee, whiskey and sugar in a mug; stir thoroughly.

Top with whipped cream.

Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee

Enjoy this one by the fire.


10 ounces hot coffee
1 ounce chocolate liqueur
1 ounce hazelnut liqueur
Cocoa powder

Mix coffee and liqueurs in a warm mug.

Dust with cocoa powder.

Colonial Coffee

Your guests will love this delicious coffee drink.


8 ounces hot coffee
1 ounce Kahlua
1 ounce brandy
Whipped cream
Cinnamon, ground

Mix coffee, Kahlua and brandy together in a mug.

Top with whipped cream.

Dust with cinnamon.

Vermont Coffee

Maple syrup and rum give coffee the taste of the outdoors.


6 ounces hot coffee
1 ounce cream
1 ounce maple syrup
2 ounces dark rum

Mix all ingredients in a mug, serve hot.

Nose Warmer

A blend of liqueurs will warm your nose, and the rest of you, too.


8 ounces hot coffee
1/4-ounce Tia Maria
1/4-ounce Frangelica
1/4-ounce Baileys Irish Cream
1/4-ounce Grand Marnier

Mix ingredients together in a mug, serve hot.

Christmas is filled with special get-togethers. Make yours extra-special with a signature holiday cocktail that adds to the joy of the season.


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