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Newspaper coincidence discovered during house demolition

ROCHESTER, Minn. (Fox 47) -- A case of serendipity during a house demolition near Forestville State Park Tuesday. While overseeing a group of inmates doing a community service project, Doug Swanson found an unusual item. Swanson was known for being quite the track and field star at his high school 30 years ago.

Workers found a box full of old newspapers in the house they were prepping for demolition and Swanson joked he might be mentioned in  one of them. Never believing he actually would be, low and behold, in the first Spring Valley Tribune they opened, they discovered a sports article written about Swanson. It was dated April 16, 1981 - exactly 32 years from the date the newspaper was printed.

"I think humor would have to be the first thing that comes to mind," Swanson said. "Because, to think, 32 years later you're going to find a paper, and you're going to tell the guys you're working with that you're probably in it, and you end up being in it, it's kind of funny. And it ends up being the exact same date that you find it."

Swanson's daughter, Talia, called us up to tell us the story. Swanson says you never know when these things will creep up on you. It was a bright spot in his day. The newspaper looks like new, and he says he's holding onto it.

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