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Tiaras with love

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) Everyone deserves to sparkle...that's the motto of an organization started by a Rochester woman who is all too familiar with trials herself.

"Tiaras with Love" was started by Rochester resident Danielle Teal after she unexpectedly became a single parent. This is her story...

They sit together, where they cut and paste and fill boxes with bright-colored tissue paper, messages of love, support - and - a sparkling tiara.

"You get this box, and you open it up and it's a tiara and it's just for you. That is the coolest feeling in the world. And for a woman to see that and hear someone say 'you deserve to sparkle, you are worthy, you are loved beyond measure,' I think, it changes lives. It changed my life."

It's *this single mom's way of paying it forward...

"I know exactly how it feels because people have reached out to me going through my own things. And hearing from them, it gives them hope. It gives people hope. It gives women a new stake in life. It's almost a pivotal moment where, not only does a woman or girl realize that someone - a complete stranger - cares, but the people around them care, too, and they're not alone. That there are other people here in this world that want to show that they matter."

Rochester resident Danielle Teal started Tiaras with Love to help other women feel like queens and princesses while they're going through hard times.

"I was having a rough morning as a single mom - a new mom to cute little Madison. And I had no sleep whatsoever. And I was making coffee, and as I was standing here making coffee, I thought to myself, this is tough, ya know? And then, I saw my eldest daughter's tiara here and I thought to myself, I am a princess, and I'm also worthy of this tiara."

She started a website and Facebook page to spread the word. That anyone - an acquaintance, friend or loved one in need of encouragement, empowerment or inspiration, deserves a tiara.

The stories they hear touch their lives...

"'I received this tiara in the mail today and it put a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. My 12-year-old son thought I needed a boost of happiness after the last few weeks of finding out my youngest son had to have his lymph node in his neck removed and biopsied. Thank you for helping him bring good tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. I am one lucky mama.'"

The organization has prompted others to help.

"You know, life, sometimes gets rough but you know, always, you'll come out of it. So it's really just awesome for me to be able to help people in my home - who have kids and stuff. And we need to spread more love in the world, it definitely needs it."

Tiaras with Love was started in December of last year and already the sparkle team sends out dozens of tiaras each week.

"It makes me cry, cause sometimes I know how they feel. And sometimes you need someone to give you a lift up and it's incredible when people you don't even know will come out and support you, you know. I think that's really, really important that we do that in society."

Tiaras with Love is an up-and-coming organization that is still in need of sponsorship. Donations can be made directly on the website or by contacting the sparkle team. You can visit www.tiaraswithlove.org. Requests for tiaras can be made on the website or on the organization's Facebook fan page.

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