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Father outraged by daughter's access to online dating site at school


ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -- The father of a Rochester Public School student is outraged after learning his daughter has been meeting older men on the Internet while at school.

Last week, a 17-year-old at John Marshall joined Meetme.com, a social networking and dating Web site, during class.

Her father, Greg Beckwith, says because his daughter has special needs he supervises her Internet use while at home.

He noticed some suspicious behavior on her phone and confronted her.

She had been texting someone she met on Meetme.com.

"She had pornographic pictures on there and she had befriended 175 people over the age of 20. Scary. And the only way she did it was at school," Beckwith said.

Rochester Public School District uses a filter called OpenVMS to block inappropriate sites.

1 in every 3 school districts in the nation uses this filter.

Superintendent Michael Muñoz says Meetme.com has been blocked.

"This is one we weren't familiar with... this is something we realize we're going to have to probably get online ourselves and do a little search and see what pops up if there is something that's inappropriate for our students we'll have to block that," Muñoz said.

Beckwith says the school did not supervise his daughter, even though she has the mentality of an 11-year-old.

Within four days, she had friended 175 adults, many of them interested in having sex with her.

"To be able to access something at school that basically gives access to predators, pedophiles... to my daughter, shame on Rochester," Beckwith said.

Superintendent Muñoz says Beckwith's daughter will be supervised at all times.

"As technology changes and media changes, you constantly have to be on top of it and monitor what's going on," Muñoz said.

If you're a parent who knows about a Web site allowed at school that you don't want your kid browsing, contact the District's Administration Office.

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