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Holiday wines and Cordials

Great Christmas brews are always a hit!! Don't be afraid to try!! Only for a limited time.

Try our huge selection of Belgian Beers!! We have the largest selection in Town. Stop by our Apollo Wine & Spirits location near Best Buy. You will be overwhelmed with the amount of beers we have!! Rich and Flavorful--You will find out why Beer nuts always find their way back to Belgium!!

Great Holiday Beers include Leinenkugels Fireside Nut Brown Ale. A slightly sweet amber beer!! The inaugural year for this cool beer!!

Anchor Christmas Beer. Limited but prized by beer people all over the world. If you find it grab it!! Limited!!

Finnegans Irish Amber
Totally unique Beer! Brewed in St Paul MN. All proceeds go to Charity!!

Avery Beers
A Colorado Original.

An Apollo Exclusive!! 100% guaranteed!!



You will be astounded by the rich flavors of this little surprise!! Famous Argentine wine. Amazing flavors!! Becoming the hottest Red Grape in the world. Great value wine usually under $15.00!! Favorites include Elsa Bianchi and Alamos. But try them all!!

B&G Vouvray

Great French Wine. Chenin Blanc, but slightly sweet and very refreshing!! Been around for a long time--but we always forget about it!! DON'T!!! It is a great value and everyone will like it.

Razors Edge
Shiraz and Chardonnay. Fruity and Straight forward. Rolf Binder makes these great values!! Rolf's wines are very extracted in flavor and always surprise your palate!! About $13.00!!

Pennaultier Viognier
An French original!! Regular Price $13.99
Great with white foods!! The perfect different dinner wine. Not sweet, but not heavy or overbearing!! Enjoy chilled!! A different taste than Chardonnay--but still great!! Still good with Turkey!!

Montinore Pinot Noir

If you have to have red wine with Turkey--This is the one!! A light but still complex Pinot Noir. Hints of Black Cherry and Raspberry. It will not overpower your turkey!! Goes great with Cranberry and Sweet potato!!


Winter is the best time to drink brown liquors!! Whiskey, Scotch, Brandies are always popular and will warm you up. Below are a few favorites and one of a kind selections.

Remy Martin VSOP--One of the worlds best cognacs. The VSOP means Very Special Old Pale. By law it has to be aged a minimum of 8 years!! Taste the difference!!

Scott's Selection Scotch Whiskey's
The finest Scotches in the world!! Rare and unique. Apollo has outdone itself!! We have the finest selection of scotches in Southern Minnesota. Try Macallan 1985 or North of Scotland 1964. That is right--44 yr old Scotch!! Unheard of!! We have a new selection of rare aged scotches. You will be amazed!!

Glengoyne Scotches
This brand from the Highlands of Scotland has a great variety of scotches!! From the everyday 10yr old to the sublime 16yr Scotch casked whisky, and up to the 17 yr old collectible--Glengoyne is known throughout the world as a great whiskey producer!!

Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon
An American Original!! Two times voted Whiskey of the year!! In my mind the greatest whiskey value on the market!! Nothing else comes close for depthness of flavor and character.

Looking for Something Special?
Apollo Liquor can locate virtually anything you request. Simply send your request along with your name and number and we'll find it for you!

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